Ultimate Henna Color Jewel Tone Tattoo Kit

Turn yourself into a work of art with the Tulip® Body Art Ultimate Henna Color Jewel Tone Tattoo Kit!
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Enjoy the intricate beauty of henna-inspired painted body art with the easy two-step application process that only takes minutes to apply. Kit includes 5 high-definition stencils for hands and body, tattoo paints in purple, rust and teal, a brush and setting powder. Tattoo paints feature a precision tip for freehand design creation. Perfect for celebrations, gift giving and everyday wear. Note: Paints are henna inspired, not actual longer-lasting henna stains.

• Clean and dry skin

• Cut out desired stencil

• Shake tube of tattoo color thoroughly, kneading the tube as you shake

• Place sticky stencil on skin

• Apply tattoo paint into stencils openings using brush

• Immediately remove stencil from skin and wait 5 minutes

• Sprinkle a small amount of setting powder onto tattoo and gently rub in