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Graffiti Fabric Markers

Fabric Markers

Fine-Tip Fabric Markers Black 2 Pack

Unleash your creativity with intense, vivid effects!

Item # : 32035

Dual-Tip Fabric Markers Rainbow 14 Pack

Unleash your creativity with their intense, vivid colors!

Item # : 31960

Fabric Markers Black Variety Pack

Includes 5 permanent fabric markers with a variety of tips.

Item # : 33702

Brush Tip Rainbow Fabric Markers 10 Pack

Includes 10 fabric markers in a rainbow of colors.

Item # : 31648

Fabric Marker Fine-Tip and Brush-Tip 25 Pack

Unleash your creativity with intense, vivid color!

Item # : 33711

Ultimate Fabric Marker Rainbow 24 Pack

A must-have palette of vibrant colors with two different tips!

Item # : 40271

Tulip® Watercolor Fabric Markers Rainbow 8 Pack

Watercolor made easy!

Item # : 40543

Brush Tip Neon Fabric Markers 10 Pack

Includes 10 colorful brush-tip markers.

Item # : 31649

Opaque Fabric Markers

Fabric Paint Markers Rainbow 15 Pack

Unleash your creativity with intense, opaque color!

Item # : 33701

Opaque Fabric Markers Bullet Tip 6 Pack

Unleash your creativity with intense, opaque color!

Item # : 33586

Glitter Fabric Paint Markers 6 Pack

For permanent, vibrant color!

Item # : 38471

Fusion Ink

Fusion Ink Fabric Markers 15 Pack

Create your very own permanent, transfer-like designs on fabrics!

Item # : 44260

Duncan Crafts marker and fabric marker brands are the perfect addition to arts and crafts supplies for all ages and skillsets. Fabric markers are the easiest way to add personalized color and designs onto clothing, jeans, backpacks, shoes, canvases and so much more! All of our craft markers feature premium-quality inks in bright, trendy and classic color palettes for any project and style preference.

Choose from a wide assortment of tip offerings including bullet-tip markers, chisel-tip markers, dual-tip markers, brush-tip markers and fine-tip markers – all at affordable wholesale pricing! Finishes include our traditional inks with no heat setting required, opaque fabric paint markers that work on dark fabrics, glitter finishes, and Fusion Ink Markers for heat setting custom designs on fabric.

Stock up for classroom supplies, arts and crafts activities, creative group activities, decorating T-shirts and more – the colorful possibilities are endless!

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